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STAILOZ™ Self-Warming Slimming Belt 
features the effective SAUNA TECH, an exclusive STAILOZ™ technology designed for
high performance by increasing the intensity of your workouts while
boosting the efficacy of your body toning, fitness and slimming ritual*


How this benefits you:

• Made with the ‘Ultimate 4-way Stretch’ fabric, all SAUNA TECH products are designed for comfort while increasing the body’s flexibility by supporting a wide range of movements.

• Its durable material also protects your muscles so you can work out comfortably, and for longer.

Improves the body’s recovery rate from post-workout muscle strain and fatigue. 

• The Far-Infrared layer of the fabric activates the self-warming function with movement and acts as a sweat booster to increase the intensity of your workout.

Improves circulation whilst helping muscles burn fat more effectively.

Increases the body’s metabolism rate to burn more calories with every use.

Smoothens the appearance of cellulite as a result of combining high compression fabric and well-designed cutting to flatter your silhouette.

• 100% waterproof and breathable so it’s comfortable enough to wear anywhere, anytime.

Wicks moisture and sweat outwards so you stay fresh during your workout or on the go.

Anti-Odor and natural deodorization from the fabric prevent the build-up of ammonia and unpleasant odours.

Antibacterial properties in the fabric naturally kills germs.

• The non-toxic fabric is suitable for everyday and long-term wear.